Shishu Shakthi

‘A successful team is a
group of many hands but one mind’

‘Shishu Shakthi’ is a non-profit trust set up in 2005 that works with children from slums of Chennai. We believe that education is the way to empower children and are involved in sponsoring the education of over 200 under-privileged/orphan children across Chennai and surrounding districts. The name is apt as we believe that children have the power in them to change the future of the nation. Our dream is simple – Empower every child to realize their self worth and achieve their dreams. Through good, quality education every child can realize his/her in born talent and interests and help secure a comfortable future for them.

Shishu Shakthi was founded by two friends Soundarya Srinivasan and S. Jayalakshmi who while working closely as volunteers with the children of the Juvenile Home realised that in their your own small way as youngsters they can go a long way in shaping the future of under-privileged children. We have now grown as a team and have two more trustees Bhavna Rao, Sruti Hari and passionate volunteers who help us with projects. Our vision has always been to ensure that bright children do not miss their education because of affordability. We believe in working closely with communities and slums of Chennai as change needs to start there to reflect on the society as a whole. This passionate outlook and the want to make a difference to the society gave birth to ‘Shishu Shakthi’